Career Assessment Tests

What are they and why do they matter?

What is Career Assessment?

Career assessment refers to the methods used in assessing your skills as well as talents which will help you to choose the right path for education or career. This helps every person who still wavers while choose a line of study or career.

Career Counselling
Career Counselling
The Essentials Of Career Assessment

With the changing world, the need of every individual is changing as well. At the same time a major focus has shifted on to building a great and impressive career. Though many are focused on what they want to pursue in life yet most wander about being indecisive.

Therefore, in such situations a career counselling session becomes important. So, career counselling is essential for your success because of the following reasons

  1. Helps you to choose the correct career- the close attention and guidance of a skilled career counsellor will help you to choose the right channel for higher studies. This will eventually lead you on to the path of success.
  2. Makes you aware of your creativity, talents and skills- the counsellor will, through a series of tests, assess your creativity, talents, skills and inclination towards a particular subject. Once the test result comes out you will come to know about your weaknesses and strengths in all these spheres. Then you can easily shortlist or select which stream of study would be helpful for you and will be more prosperous in the future.
  3. It leads you towards the path of success- this career counselling will channelize you towards the right path of study. Once you take up the right course of study, it will automatically pave the path for your success as and when you hon the subject and specialise in it further. In this case you will also need to put in a lot of hard work and master the knowledge of the particular field of study.
  4. Lets you focus on your career-once the correct career path is defined for you, it will help you to focus on your career. Unlike before when you were indecisive and confused as to what you should study or do with your future, you will now be much more focused on your studies. This will also enhance your concentration level and increase your love for the subject.

5. Keeps you away from any confusion regarding the right choice of career-choosing the correct career after you find the most suitable subject of study, will inevitably keep you more focused. This will lead you to avoid any confusion regarding what you want to become in the future. If in case any doubt arises then you can always fall back on the online career assessment or visit a counsellor directly at any of the career counselling centres.

6. Answers your queries and clears your doubts- a proper career counselling session headed by a knowledgeable and understanding career counsellor will for sure answer all your queries and clear your doubts regarding any career oriented questions. You can also ask for a list of colleges or universities where you can apply in future for your further studies. Alongside your mainstream studies you are free to pursue any other talent that you are fond of.

7. Gives you proper guidance- - getting a proper guidance from a well-trained and professional career counsellor will surely lead you to have a successful career. This is said in the light of the fact that unless the career counsellor understands and guides you towards your ideal needs, you will only remain confused and indecisive.

8. The career counsellor listens to you when you feel that no one does- a good career counsellor, during a career counselling session, will lend a patient ear to you and will be very honest in his or her opinion about you. At times you do need someone to simply sit before you and listen to the problems that you are facing instead of simply telling you what to do and what not to. Therefore, an online career assessment will also help you to speak about your emotional bend of mind because it is related to your field of studies.

9. Helps you to be decisive- once you get your focus you’ll see that you have become more decisive even in very difficult situations. This will help you to take better life decisions both in personal and professional worlds.

10. It might also help out your peers- you are sure to benefit from an online career Counsellor and the session will help you in building a great future for you. This is essential for your career building without doubt. Once you benefit from this, you will be in a great position to guide your friends and peers as well.

What are Career Assessment Tests after all?

Career Assessment Tests are tests which use tools and techniques to measure an individuals personal attributes - thus contributing in helping a person know themself more objectively. These attributes may be preferences, motivational factors, values, skills, emotional quotient and/or facets of one's personality.

Career Counselling
Career Counselling
The Essentials of a Career Assessment Test

When seeking help for career assessment there are a few of the essential aspects that you need to know for these will be beneficial to you as these aspects will channelize you into taking the best course and build a career out of it first.

  1. Looking for a suitable career assessment center: Seeking for the best career assessment institute will be the first step towards career assessment. You can attend a good career counselling institute where people will be extremely glad to help you to take the path towards success.
  2. Career assessment tests: One of the most important essentials of conducting a career assessment test is to assess your skills, talents, and interests. Based on these test reports, the career counselor will be able to guide you.
  3. Authentic test reports: one must keep in mind the reliability, accuracy, and vitality of the tests. If these basic principles are not met then the preferred analysis of the counselee will remain incomplete.
  4. Discussion with the counselee: a detailed discussion with the counselee will help the counselor to know the person in depth. Unless there is a good communication between the two, a lot of things remain unexplored and are not understood.
  5. Following the set guidelines: once the counselee is prescribed certain guidelines to be followed, then he or she must abide by them. This will be extremely essential to help the person in traveling the road of a good career.
  6. Maintaining utmost privacy and confidentiality: the counselor must keep in mind that complete confidentiality is maintained about all the details uttered by the counselee. It is with great trust that one confides in the counselor and that should be respected.

The abovementioned aspects are some of the few things that must be maintained while carrying out a career counselling test. This is done in light of showing the counselee the right path when he or she is confused or is completely in the dark of what must be done.

You can as well go for a career assessment test in Salt Lake, Kolkata. This will be highly beneficial for you as it will help you to choose what is right and the best for you.

  1. It will give you an idea of the hidden talents, skills, and interests that you are not thoroughly aware of. After the career assessment test is conducted you can easily pursue a career based on any one of these.
  2. The career assessment test will be the ultimate cure for your confusion as right after passing your school or college you wonder what must be done next. These tests will be extremely helpful and will show you the right path.
  3. Awareness is a great thing. Unless you yourself are aware of what these tests are for, you really cannot help others. You might see a lot of friends and peers struggling around you but you will not be in a position to help them. Therefore, taking the career assessment test will also help you to lend a helping hand towards those who are still in the dark.

These are some of the advantages of conducting a career assessment test.

Career Counselling
Career Counselling
How do Career Assessment work?

Prior to understanding how Career Assessments work - we need to throw light on the general trends in career exploration and career selection methods adopted by today's students. If we examine the process microscopically we can be reasonably assured that most students and career aspirants are blinded by the availability bias and are often attracted by icons of success which they witness in their daily lives, influenced by peers, neighbors, parental whims, digital/print media.

A child in a village with a scarcity of medical professionals witnesses a doctor being accorded the status of a deity and decides that he/she would become a doctor when he/she grows up without giving much thought to the fact that he/she may not have the inherent emotional construct to deal with a situation which doctors and physicians face on a daily basis.

A senior in college has achieved a Top 100 rank in the JEE (Advanced) Exam and is going to IIT Bombay and eventually a plush job in Google - WoW! There's no way I am doing anything else with my life - I am going straight into Engineering and then Google!

Sharma uncle's son - who lives next door - is living a dream. Gets up late in the afternoon, picks up his laptop and hammers the keys till late into the night and rides a fancy sports car. Wonder what he does - should ask him and start in his footsteps.

How do you think such situations pan out? If they are lucky then any of them will find a decent job - otherwise its a recipe for disaster. The success which they witnessed may have a compelling story behind them and could also be that they just happend to be in the right place at the right time. To make a career decision by aping others is a sureshot recipe for reaching a dead-end.

The most logical approach of choosing one's calling in life begins with knowing oneself. What we like, how are we motivated, where does our locus of control lie, how we behave under duress, how good/bad we are in certain skill areas, how we manage our emotions? These are some of the questions which we have to answer before we explore and make our career choices.

Career Assessment tools help us figure out answers to these very questions and when who you are matches the choices that you make - you are likely to become successful in life.

What happens after I take the Career Assessment Test?

After you take the test, a career assessment is generated and emailed to you. It contains findings and comprehensive information about various parameters from the many dimensions of your personality. Further on, in order to make the right career choices and interpret the report it is suggested that you should contact a Certified Career Coach to help guide you in the right direction.

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