What is Career Counseling?

Counseling - In A Nutshell

Counselling is a profession where a counselee is trained and guided towards better mental health. There are various forms of counselling and to be honest, they are all important. The expanse of counselling is immense and the importance is indefinite. A person who is professionally and educationally trained in this field takes the counselee on a journey into discovering themselves. The potential of the counselee is put forth besides stating some DOs and DON'Ts.

The guidance is extremely helpful. The online career counselling expert will help the counselee

  • To know themselves better
  • Learn about their ideas, locus of control, motivational factors, etc.
  • Discover their interests, talents and skills.
  • Enable the counselee to explore career options
  • To give a shape to the journey towards the recognised and desired goal.
Career Counselling
Career Counselling - In Details

The careers of today are witnessing a dynamic change. Both students and professionals are facing regular challenges. The bright side is that as some fields lose their sheen, many new ones explode onto the scene and gain prominence. For a budding career professional or students however, it is quite a daunting challenge to decide which skill sets would make them an asset in the job market. This is where a trained and certified career counsellor can make the tables turn.

The career counselling process begins with an establishment of trust between the counsellor and the counselee. Trust is the bedrock upon which this rapport between the two is built. It is not easy for the counselee to initially open to the counsellor. The counselee has o feel comfortable in the presence of the counsellor to talk, perceive and discuss his/her concern. The essential elements of an effective online career counselling session are:

Credentials of the Counsellor

A career counsellor's role is akin to that of a doctor's role, considering the fact that the counselee's life depends on the advice of the counsellor. A career consultant is expected to possess a graduate or a postgraduate degree in Psychology and/or should have been trained to interpret and explain the career assessment reports in a precise and insightful manner to the counselee for his/her further course of action. Career counselling in specific fields such as medicine, engineering, pure sciences, design, arts, humanities, commerce, etc. requires relevant experience and knowledge in these domains. Providing the most appropriate advice is the job of only a highly reputed and renowned counsellor who can help the counselee to navigate in these fields.

A Conducive and Comfortable Environment

The counselee needs to feel safe, secure and comfortable so that he/she can open up and maintain a conversation with the counsellor. The career counsellor thus has to avoid any words or context that might trigger insecurities. The immediate environment should be devoid of sources of distraction so that the conversation between the two is uninterrupted. Besides all these the counselee’s thoughts and emotions should also be well respected.

Psychometric Tools

The counsellor's services are rendered most effective if he/she has tools at his/her disposal to well comprehend the counselee's interests, personality, orientation, occupational interests, skills, emotion type and the likes. Our career assessment platform and career counselling online are designed to provide deep insights into a student's personality and interests. We also provide ample resources to the career counsellor to work with. To know more about Career Assessment Tests click here.

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