What is Career Mentorship?

Mentorship - In brief

Mentoring is a process of using specially selected and trained individuals to provide guidance, prag­matic advice, and continuing support that will help the people in their learning and development pro­cess.

Career mentorship - In details

A career mentor is someone who shares their knowledge and expertise with you in order to help you set goals, fix problems, and make good choices along your career path. The best example of a mentor is Mr. N. R. Narayan Murthy of Infosys. Mentoring is a method of helping people acquire skills and knowledge from experienced managers who are wise in the way of the organization.

The Three C's of Mentorship


Mentors are experienced in areas that mentees are not, and insight from a mentor can save a mentee both time and resources in figuring out a problem.


Mentors will be able to reflect on their own experiences to determine when the journey was more insightful than the outcome.


In addition to all of the constructive feedback and advice that a mentor can give, mentors will also provide support and enthusiasm.

What do you gain by Career mentorship

Gain valuable advice – Mentors will offer valuable insight into what it takes to get ahead. They will be your guide and "sounding board" for ideas, helping you decide on the best course of action in difficult situations. You may learn shortcuts that help you work more effectively and avoid "reinventing the wheel."

Develop your knowledge and skills – Mentors will help you identify the skills and expertise you need to succeed. They may teach you what you need to know, or advise you on where to go for the information you need.

Improve your communication skills – Just like your mentor, you may also learn to communicate more effectively, which can further help you at work.

Learn new perspectives – Again, you can learn new ways of thinking from your mentor

Build your network – Your mentor will offer an opportunity to expand your existing network of personal and professional contacts.

Advance your career – A mentor helps you stay focused and on track in your career through advice, skills development, networking, and so on.

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