College Selection

How Our Team Helps You Choose the College of Your Choice

Profile Preparation

Making all the right choices starts with helping us build your Profile which consists of the following steps:

Identification of Suitable Career and Course

Zero in on the career stream and course which is most suitable for you through our widely renowned Career Assessment mechanism and guidance by experts.

Finalize Destinations

Compare various countries to select the right one that aligns well with your course, career goals and preferences.

Shortlist Universities

Construct your perfect target college list by identifying colleges that fit well with your career aspirations, interests & profile.

Career Counselling
Career Counselling
Profile Evaluation and Development

Evaluate your fitment with your target colleges. Strengthen your application the right way.

Understand University Requirements

Learn what your target colleges look for in candidates, accordingly build you profile and customize your application.

Identify Your Gap Areas

Get specific insights from your coach on how your profile fits with college & program requirements and pinpoint areas you can work upon.

Custom-Build Your Profile

Work with your coach to zero-in on the right profile-building activities to strengthen your application to your target colleges.

Application Strategy

Your application speaks volumes. Create one that presents your unique brand in the best light.

Develop Your Application Timeline

Keep track of the unique steps, requirements and deadlines of multiple colleges to ensure you execute everything in a timely manner.

Build a Top-Notch Application

Work with your coach to craft your application - from Essays to Resume - to showcase your unique strengths and stand out from the crowd.

Perfect All Application Elements

Plan, brainstorm, edit and fine-tune every single element of your application to ensure you present your best self to the admissions committee.

Career Counselling

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