CLASS 8-9-10

    Your decisions during these years will lay the foundation of how successful you will be in your life. The right career decisions in today's radically transforming career landscape begins first with knowing yourself. Your interests, orientation and aptitude are those crucial aspects of your personality which, if harnessed optimally, will lead you to a successful career, which you so rightfully deserve.

    Additionally, we also assist you in planning and preparing for Career Opportunities which are going to be created in the future and not just those that are there today!

Programs & Pricing


(Career Assessment)


  • Subject Selection Tool
  • Helps you to gauge your interest and clear confusion about selection of subjects after Std.
  • 15 Minute Call by Counsellor towards report interpretation


(Subject Selection + Career Discovery)


  • Measurement of Aptitude, Occupational Interests and Personality
  • 30 Minute Call by Counsellor towards report interpretation
  • 1 Face-to-Face Counselling Session with a certified Career Coach


(Career Assessment Tool + Career Guidance)


  • Most Advanced assessment tool which generates questions based on flow of responses
  • List of 15-20 High Potential Careers to help you make the right decision
  • 3 Face-to-Face Counselling Sessions with a certified Career Coach
  • Guidance in Goal Setting
  • Assistance in Preparation of Action Plan
  • 6 Months of Online Support by Coach


(Cutting Edge Career Assessment Tool + Comprehensive Mentoring)


  • Comprehensive Nurturing By Mentor for a year
  • 20 Face-to-Face Counselling Sessions with a Certified Career Coach
  • Vital updates regarding Olympiad, NTSE, KVPY Exams
  • Assistance in crafting preparation strategy
  • Mentoring sessions by eminent scholars and achievers in your field of interest during the year
  • 1 Year Online Support by Coach towards all queries (Academic)

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