Startup Mentoring

Startup Mentoring

What is Start Up Mentoring?

In last 10 years, we have seen a sharp increase in the numbers of people who want to pursue entrepreneurship as it offers huge satisfaction in terms of achievement, be it Social or Commercial or both. But, building a start-up offers a lot of and challenges, especially for contemporary first-time entrepreneurs, who are divergent in their ages, experience, stages of their ideas, industry focus, and financial capabilities. The thread that connects them is their need for supportive mentors who can help them navigate the ups and downs during their start up journeys.

Start-up mentoring is a challenging and time-consuming job. However, seeing new founders walking smoothly on the road to success is an uplifting experience.

Our team consists of individuals who have huge experience in entrepreneurship including expertise in the field of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Technology, etc, and thus enables us to offer a holistic solution that helps the founders build a successful start-up.

Startup Mentoring

As mentors, we leave no stone upturned to ensure that your entrepreneurial aspirations succeed by providing the following expertise.

  1. Idea Validation
  2. Market Research Geographical, Industry Analysis
  3. Business Establishment Strategy
  4. Business Development Strategy
    1. Channels: B2B (Identification of Networks and Penetration) , B2C (Target Segment Analysis)
    2. Marketing Communication: BTL, ATL
  5. Fundraising:We help you prepare investment decks including financial projections and then assist you to connect with investors such as Angel Investors, VCs and PE firms, and also guide you in terms of applying for Government Grants under the Start-up India (Mission).
  6. Manpower Hiring
  7. Technology:This includes development of Website, Apps, Mobile Apps, Integrations etc., required to carry out the operation

Scholars Mojo runs a 24 week accelerator program, incubating a cohort of 15-20 innovative start-ups in India and coaching the founders to navigate the early stages of launching a start up through the following :

  • • mentor connects
  • • brainstorming & troubleshooting
  • • entrepreneurship education and management
  • • workshops on various entrepreneurship topics

During the 6-month program you’ll meet the most targeted mentors, investors, and partners in your industry while also attending regular workshops and hands-on mentoring sessions to pave way for a successful start up. In addition, each start up receives various complimentary partner services and upto 6 months of free office space in special cases.

Startup Mentoring

Our Offering:

  • • The Scholars Mojo Young Founders Conference – a week-long conference in Kolkata to get to know fellow Young Founders, the India startup scene, and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills by attending workshops and meetings
  • • A personal mentor who is an experienced entrepreneur and will function as a sparring partner with whom you can discuss upcoming challenges and new opportunities
  • • Monthly peer mentoring calls with the other successful Start Up Founders of the cohort to share knowledge with and support each other;
  • • Expert sessions on relevant topics (e.g. OKRs, investor KPIs, marketing & sales)
  • • The Scholars Mojo Network — a strong alumni network that functions as a platform for all Start up founders to connect with each other, exchange ideas and find support for existing challenges
  • • Exposure to the India startup scene and the public for you and your startup via our social media channels and our networks,
  • • Assistance beyond the programme as we remain a contact person for the Start up Founders and will help you to find suitable experts for challenges, offer possibilities to share learnings with current cohorts or celebrate successes.

One of the highlights of participating in the Scholars Mojo Start Up Mentoring Programme is that every participant will also join the Scholars Mojo Network — a strong network of outstanding entrepreneurs from emerging and developing countries who had participated in the programme themselves. The Scholars Mojo Network is a place to look for expertise, develop synergies with other Start Up Founders and support each other.

Startup Mentoring

For Whom Is the Start Up Mentoring Programme?

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for mentoring? The program allows you to benefit from relevant advice, expertise and connections from major mentors in the industry, to challenge your vision and decisions with external viewpoints and to improve the soft skills needed to grow your business (presentation skills, investor communication, human resource management, interpersonal skills).

When does Start Up Mentoring Program Begin?

This program presented by Scholars Mojo is run all year long.


The start-ups would be selected through a rigorous screening activity. Important points of focus would be:

  • • Focus on the Industry targeted
  • • Profile of Founders
  • • Stage of Product/Process development
  • • Financial and business viability


As Teams join the program at different stages of their start up, the milestones achieved would vary per start up. Post completion of the program, ideally you would have a:

  1. Well-Formed Corporation
  2. Local Network of Experienced Entrepreneurs and Investors
  3. Formal Advisory Board of Top Mentors
  4. Significant Product Progress
  5. Investment-Worthy Pitch Deck
  6. Clear Actionable Next Steps for Growth
  7. Some traction or revenues: based on stage of venture

How do you register for the Start Up Mentoring Program by Scholars Mojo?

If you are interested in joining as a mentor, or if you are an entrepreneur looking for mentoring, please contact us at +91-86970-93187 or mail us at [email protected].

Who could benefit from this program?

  • • Start-up founders with massive heart and vision but a bootstrapped budget for growth
  • • Ambitious growth marketers that want to learn from others' successes (and mistakes)
  • • CMOs and VP's of Growth that are hungry for for their assumptions to be challenged
  • • Product managers that want to approach product development from a growth-driven mind-set
  • • Performance marketers that want to learn from top 1% Google and Facebook Ads experts
  • • Traditional marketers that want to transition into a growth role but are overwhelmed

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